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Budget or Be Broke Together!!!

Without a budget, NOTHING is possible when it comes to your finances as a married couple. It’s one of those annoying and time-consuming things that we have to deal with. We all spend money easily, but unfortunately, a lot of us have challenges with setting financial goals, budgeting our money, and staying committed to it.

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The Black Family Matters

What are your initial thoughts when you hear "Black Family?" Close knit? Dysfunctional? Baby Mama? Baby Daddy? Single Parent Household? Two Parent Household? Welcoming? Grandma serving as the Mother? Church Oriented? Non-Existent Father? Generational Poverty? Children out of Wedlock? Soul Food the Movie? Or even The Cosby Show?

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When the Snap Goes Way Too Far Back

Jog…run up concrete stairs at Hoover Dam…jog some more…run down concrete stairs…sprint uphill…lunge walk uphill….grapevine uphill…sprint…squat at the roundabout…jog…run down concrete stairs…jog uphill to car…PASS OUT AT HOME! Side effects include immobility for 2 days, whining, and heavy Bengay usage.

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