His Money or Her Money?


Do we combine our finances? Should we have a joint account? What happens to the money that I’ve saved up while I was single? How will she feel about my massive amount of student loan debt? Is it ok to be married and handle our money separately?

These were a few questions that were floating in my head before I popped the question. Going into my marriage, I was completely clueless on how money is supposed to be handled between husband and wife.

As a single man, I was use to spending my money the way I wanted and didn’t have to be accountable to anyone but myself. I developed a few bad spending habits, accumulated some student loan debt, and had a couple bands sitting in my savings account.

It wasn’t until I met our premarital counselors (MAJOR Shout-Out to The Sheralds) when things really began to click for me on how money in one’s marriage could work. They shared with us how they view money in their marriage and how being aligned financially has helped them to work together as a couple and remain aligned on their financial affairs.  

So Al, whose money is it then? His or Hers?

Well with us, it’s not Al’s money…it’s not Felice’s money…it’s OUR MONEY!!!

Our money goes in ONE pot and gets distributed from there, whether it’s paying our bills or transferring our weekly allowance to each of our personal accounts.

To be honest, it took time to get where we are at now. She is the spender of the relationship and I am the saver, which has caused conflict between us at times. But we really had to work on changing our perspective when it came to money to get rid of our spending habits.

When it came down to it, we knew we wanted to be intentional with paying down debt (especially early on in our marriage), establish our joint accounts and determine how we wanted to handle paying our bills, and how we wanted to save for the future.

Of course, folks are entitled to do whatever works best for their marriage, but we believe this method of handling OUR MONEY best suits us and has truly helps us be aligned financially.

We would love to hear how you and your spouse define money in your marriage and what methods have and have not worked for you guys. Just drop a comment below!!!


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