Designed by Alexander Chisley (Check out his work at this  LINK )

Designed by Alexander Chisley (Check out his work at this LINK)

So you are probably thinking who is this Frugal Freddy guy? Well, it's the alter ego of our co-creator, Al Wilson. Since he was a youngin, Al has always been frugal and very resourceful with his money. Over time, he has embraced the Frugal Freddy persona and has really developed a deep love for financial wellness. 

In an effort to inspire others, Al has decided to bring "Frugal Freddy" to life by sharing his views on various personal finance topics, offering affirmations when it comes to money and documenting the #DebtFreeJourney that he and his wife are currently on. 

Financial BloG Posts

Insightful blog posts about personal finance, money in marriage, budgeting, debt reduction and much more!


Do we combine our finances? Should we have a joint account? What happens to the money that I’ve saved up while I was single? How will she feel about my massive amount of student loan debt? Is it ok to be married and handle our money separately?

Read the entire blog post at this LINK.

Frugal Freddy Friday

"In Your Face" tips that will help you achieve financial wellness and empower you to have control over your money.


Debt Update

Started our #DebtFreeJourney back in 2016 with about $145K in debt. Our goal is to be debt free by the end of 2019.

Current Debt: $90,171.96

July Debt Payments: $2,137.50

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