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It Was Always You

Buckle up! This is going to be a lengthy but interesting ride. By now, you might be saying “awwwww” or “that was so sweet,” if you've read Al's post (From Sliding Into Her DMs to the Proposal & Beyond ) and indeed it is, but I wanted Alfy to go first so that we can end this thing with the truth and nothing but the truth once and for all, so here we go.

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Top 5 Moments of Heartburn While Planning Our Wedding

There's nothing simple or easy about planning an event, ESPECIALLY a wedding, which is why there are professions in this area, designed to alleviate a lot of the pressure. Everything from the venue down to the color of the napkins warrants a decision. There are so many details that I always think I am forgetting something important.

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Bringing Debt into the Marriage

Student Loan Debt…Credit Card Debt…Auto Loan Debt. Ugh I hate it ALL! For most couples, at least one person (or even both) brings some form of debt into the marriage. Often times, this financial baggage puts a strain on the relationship, causes many arguments and perhaps even leads to premature divorces in some cases.

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