It Was Always You

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Buckle up! This is going to be a lengthy but interesting ride. By now, you might be saying “awwwww” or “that was so sweet,” if you've read Al's post (From Sliding Into Her DMs to the Proposal & Beyond ) and indeed it is, but I wanted Alfy to go first so that we can end this thing with the truth and nothing but the truth once and for all, so here we go.

It was January 10th, 2015. I was just getting acclimated to being a board member and getting to know my fellow board members of the Columbus Urban League Young Professionals. That day, we had our photo shoot for the website in preparation of relaunching the organization. Alexis Pounds (soon-to-be Mrs. Prewitt) invited the whole group to her place for a “Kickback” discussion night. I was initially on the fence about going because I didn’t want to be a third wheel to my friends, now married couple, Nick and Habiba, but Habiba forced me and…well snacks were advertised so it didn’t take much convincing.

We arrived and the spot was already filling up. I mixed and mingled with a few people I knew from THE Ohio State University and around the city before the discussion began. As I sat down with Habiba on my lap, she turns to me and whispers, “Do you see that boy over there in the corner staring at you?” I looked and brushed it off like “whatever.” Then, Habiba proceeds with, “I’m going to sit on the floor so he can get a better view.” Girl bye! I’m just here for the food and debate. Early into the conversation, a topic was introduced about nice guys, and we had our first interaction of the night. I think he thought he fell into the “nice guy” category (and went to bat for them), which I absolutely despise, but knowing what I know now, he should have been representing for the “good guys” of the world, because there is a difference between a “nice” guy and a “good” guy (can I get an Amen?).

Anyways, the night went on, the evening was a success and things were wrapping up. As people continued to talk and introduce themselves, I notice that Alfy talked to everyone BUT me! This made me chuckle a little bit on the inside, like really dude? I was preparing to leave with my friends and felt this presence making its way behind me. I knew it was him. I even held the door open preparing to walk outside for a few seconds, but he got caught in conversation. In my mind he had the whole night to introduce himself, so I figured his loss. He’ll say he didn’t know if I was taken or not, and I call BS! He talked to Habiba and other ladies there that night BUT me! Whatever. Before my head hit the pillow for the night, I had an Instagram friend request. “How the heck did this stalker find me?” It was clear from that moment forward I had his attention, so I decided to make it count.

We exchanged likes on IG on new and very old posts, just to let each other know that we were looking. I even requested him on LinkedIn (not Facebook) so I could check out his credentials. I then decided to do my homework and hit up Habiba to get the scoop on this guy from Alexis. Seems he checked out but was taking FOREVER to say something to me directly. Then, one evening as I was traveling for work, I get an IG direct message as I walked through the airport in New Mexico.


As he told me, he sent the message right before a Linden McKinley basketball game and left his phone behind, I guess with hopes that there would be a response when he returned and there was. We went back in forth over the course of a day’s time before I finally just gave him my number because he was taking too long to ask. We talked for hours in getting to know one another, as though we were old friends catching up after years apart.

We decided to meet up when I got back in town, and I say meet up because Bar Louie is NOT a first date! We both needed to feel each other out in person and determine if we were all talk or actually really who we presented ourselves to be. From there, we had our first date, Paint Nite somewhere far from where I typically frequent, but it was refreshing to get away from my normal stomping grounds in the city.

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From that point forward, the rest is history! We have gotten to know each other inside and out, met friends, introduced to family (and got their stamp of approval), moved in together, and have been building on a relationship we hope to last a lifetime.

It is really so strange how life happens. The second you’re not looking and turn things over to God, He gives you the desires of your heart. I prayed for someone like Al who wanted the same things from life as me and was willing to work for them. I also knew I needed someone with patience and a desire to understand me because I’ll willingly admit, my very being is complex. He saw pass my flaws and found the beauty in who I am. His drive pushes me to want better for myself and our family, his love remains unconditionally, no matter how far I’ve tried to push him away because things just felt TOO right, and his smile with those DIMPLES melts my heart!

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If you are reading this, you may be a close friend or family. You may even be a stranger who stumbled upon this story. This is supposed to be about us, but I will leave you with some encouragement. What they say is indeed true. What God has for you is for you! When we commit to staying focused on ourselves and our relationship with God, he will bless us with love and companionship when we are ready, not when we THINK we are ready. Alfy came into my life and was at the right place at the right time. Our love is not perfect, but it is perfectly our own. I look forward to marriage with this man, with God at the foundation of everything, giving birth to our children, and leaving behind a lasting legacy for the generations to come. This is only the beginning...Love you Alfy :)