4 Things to do as the Man When Helping to Plan "HER" Wedding

Well we are less than TWO months away from our wedding!!! Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus (*insert praying hands*)

Throughout the past few months of planning, we have had our fair share of heated arguments, happy times, emotional moments and even a few disagreements on trivial things like what stamp to use for the Save the Dates.

As we all know, men aren’t typically great planners and we could care less about what’s the color scheme of the wedding or the intricate details of the table layout for the reception. As long as there is good food, great music and the alcohol is steadily flowing…we will be GOOD! Right…Fellas?

With me knowing that Felice has a severe case of “perfectionsmitis” (a word that she created lol), I knew I had to take this wedding planning thing more seriously and not have a laissez-faire mentality like I usually have when it comes to me planning something.

Check out Felice’s latest blog post titled "Top 5 Moments of Heartburn While Planning Our Wedding" (LINKto learn more about what perfectionsmitis is all about.

With that, I wanted to share these 4 things that I have learned along the way as we have planned her…oops our wedding.

Always be Supportive

arthur meme.jpg

This will probably be one of the most trying times of your relationship. All of the agony to have a dope wedding. All of the money devoted to this special day. You better believe that all of this will build up and cause a lot of stress on you and definitely on your wife-to-be.

During this time, support goes a long way and it will definitely keep everything kosher with you and your fiancé. Yeah she may bite your head off when you offer your opinion on something and yeah she may ask you a ton of questions about things you may not particularly care about but at the end of the day be SUPPORTIVE and don’t take anything too personal.

Take Ownership in Wedding Planning


Society has told us that wedding planning is for the woman to do, and society is definitely right with this one. If it was up to me, I would have sent invites on Facebook, went down to the courthouse to exchange our vows, and had a block party reception, but I know HoneyBuns would not have been down for that. LOL

Although, this really ain’t your day, take ownership in the planning process. There is no harm in being your woman’s wingman throughout this time and helping out with things that will make the planning process a lot smoother.      

I would suggest to work with your fiancé and see where you can take a load off of her and be responsible for things, such as the entertainment for the reception, the transportation arrangements for the special day, and even scheduling time to get the marriage certificate.

Knockout Your Duties ASAP


To be honest, I thought being the Groom would be a BREEZE and all I had to really worry about is looking fly for the ceremony, saying “I do” and drinking and eating at the reception. Wishful thinking..huh?  

One thing that I realized quickly was that life as the Groom wasn’t going be like that and I had to put some real work into this. Knowing that I’m a habitual procrastinator, I already knew this would be a challenge for me and knew that I needed a little kick in the butt. After a few kicks and a neck chop from Felice, things finally clicked and I made it a point to get items crossed off my to-do list.

Go to EVERY Wedding Show

bridal expo.jpg

Yeah you may think these wedding shows are WACK and they are just for your woman. Oddly enough, they are actually LIT…well some of them LOL

There is always hella FREE food and tons of knick knacks that you will get just for showing up. Outside of the free stuff, these shows allow you to get some ideas for the wedding and speak with potential vendors that yall may use for the wedding.

Just make it a point to go to a few shows with her and take FULL advantage of the opportunity and it will definitely benefit you guys when it comes to the wedding.

Hopefully, some of these things will help you while you are assisting your wife-to-be plan her wedding.

And always remember, HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE! Something that I’m learning on a daily basis. But trust me, this motto will get you through a lot of tough times during this lovely time of wedding planning for her special day.