7 Things to do When Buying The Ring

Photo Credit: Travel-to-Santorini.com

Photo Credit: Travel-to-Santorini.com

Buying an engagement ring will be one of the most stressful purchases that you ever make in your life. First, you have to make sure you have the money to purchase the ring. Then, you have to go around to countless jewelers to make sure you find the exact ring you think she will like. You also have to plan out a romantic proposal and pray to God that she says yes. And MOST IMPORTANTLY….you have to buy a ring that’s big and shiny enough so she can stunt on Instagram and Facebook to all of her friends and even her haters (yes this shouldn’t be the goal but let’s just be honest here).

So I thought I would share a few things you should consider when buying an engagement ring for your future wife.

1. Find out what Type of Ring She Wants

Every woman is different and trying to figure out what kind of setting, the type of diamond you wants can be nerve-wrecking. One way to figure all of this out is to just ask her or allow it to come up in casual conversation when you guys talk about yall future and marriage. Outside of that, I would say PAY ATTENTION to her. She may be dropping you hints along the way and you don’t even know it.

And don’t forget to figure out her ring size. Here’s a tip. Take a ring from her jewelry collection and bring it with you while you shop for the ring, so the jeweler can size it for you. Just remember to put the ring back!

2. Know the Four C’s

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as the cliché saying goes. The diamond (whatever stone of choice) is the most essential piece of the engagement ring. Each diamond is unique and there are many components that makes the diamond shine and sparkle. By knowing the Four C’s (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut), this will help you TREMENDOUSLY as you search for the best diamond for her engagement ring.

Check out this article (LINK) from the Gemological Institute of America to learn more about the Four C’s.

3. Do Your Research & Shop Around

Research. Research. Research.  Your research is VITAL to purchasing the exact engagement ring that your woman wants. Research can involve anything from looking at various jewelers’ profile on IG to reading a magazine article about engagement rings. 

And please make sure you shop around. This will allow you to get a better idea of what you are looking for and really know the prices that are being charged for the ring

4. Have a REALISTIC Budget

How in the hell am I going pay for this damn ring” was the first question that I asked myself when I decided to propose. This question has caused anxiety for a lot of men out there to the point where some men decided not to even propose to their woman. Most men often think that they have to spend thousands of thousands dollars on the ring. FALSE! Your budget can be $1K or it can be $15K. It all depends on what your woman likes and your financial situation at that time. Please don’t go broke buying this ring…It’s just a ring at the end of the day.

After a while, you will have an idea of how much its going cost you for the ring. From there, come up with a realistic budget and then save up the money and pay CASH for the engagement ring. Avoid using your credit card to buy the ring…the interest will get you on the back end.

Also be mindful of the cost for the wedding band as well. This is something that can be lost in the sauce when planning for the purchase of the engagement ring.

5. Avoid Big Name Retail Jewelers

These places aren’t your friend AT ALL. Retail jewelers typically have their engagement rings marked up more than the suggested retail price. Consider buying the engagement ring from an online jeweler like Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth.

Also, you should consider buying the ring from a reputable family owned jeweler in your area. They are typically easier to negotiate with and more willing to work out a price that works best with your budget. You could even check out those International Gem & Jewelry shows that come around from time to time…you can find some great deals there and get a bigger bang for your buck.

6. Get the Opinion of a Friend/Relative

If you can, please bring her best friend, sister or even her momma along while you shop for the engagement ring. It was good to have someone else close to her that also knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. This friend/relative can be a great resource and help you get through this stressful purchase.  

7. Get Insurance

Please make sure you get insurance for her engagement ring IMMEDIATELY after the purchase. Ring insurance can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per month; depending on the value of the ring. Typically, you can get a policy from any of the major insurance companies or you can get coverage extended under your current homeowners and/or rental policy.

Are you ready to take that next step in your relationship? Fellas trust me, it’s WORTH it. Buying the ring and popping the question is just the start…just wait until you guys have to plan the wedding. Good luck!